Step I :-
Contact us for details of any of our existing and also our up coming projects. Communicating with you is our priority.

Step II :-
Explore our website and see the virtual video + the 360 video + pictures of both projects are at your finger tips. You can then plan your site visit. Our staff would be pleased to be of service to you and also support you to fix an appointment for your site visit as per your convenience.

Step III :-
Our sales and marketing team will assists you to identify and choose the right property best suited to your requirement. You may decide on the modality of financial transactions, our team of experts can also assist you to identify the best home loan offers.

Step IV :-
Our team of experts can guide through the process of financial and legal closures. The financial transactions will be customised and tailor made as per your requirements and best suited to your need.

Step V :-
We assure our valued client that we will adhere to the possession schedule as discussed and agreed. Your satisfaction is our moto and hallmark of our service.


  • Look for the location you like.
  • Look for the area of the house you need for the number of people in the family.
  • Look for the title clearance as per the bank requirements.
  • Look for the right price.
  • And finally Vastu compliant house, if you choose so.


  • We offer you services on project price for your interiors which will save you 10 to 20% on your interiors cost.
  • With our team of interior designer and others civil contractors, furniture and fitment team, plumbing work, painting work, and electrical and electronic equipments gadgets.
  • During the site visit and after seeing sample flat / unit you can choose to go for the same design and pattern or have your own customized design and finishing.
  • Our in house agencies / staff will over see the complete refurbishing and finishing to give you, your dream house.
  • Our forte is precision, at an affordable price, customized to your need to give you value for money at your cost.


It is a leavy and charges collected by the state government, which is to be paid to get the immovable property registered in the name of the purchaser.
Stamp duty is calculated as per the ready reckoner rate of the location & Cidco plot, transfer fees is also as per the plot area.
Both amounts are to be paid to different departments / authority's to complete the transfer process in name of the purchaser.
It is payable before the execution of agreement between the seller and purchaser.
Purchaser has to pay the stamp duty and Cidco transfer fees to get the property registered in their name.
However if there is any offer given by the seller then the same is applicable. The Cidco transfer fees and stamp duty are subject to change, as per the prevailing rate ascertained by the respective state government agencies.


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